What we do

Clinical Strategies & Resume Writing specializes in guiding job seekers through the job search process. We are specialists and possess an in depth understanding of the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. Our services include resume writing, cover letters, interview preparation, general job search strategy consultations, 30-60-90 day plan templates and coaching, LinkedIn training and profile optimization, and Full Service Job Search Assistance programs.

We have recently published an electronic guidebook based on our proven methods for helping candidates land jobs and land them faster. Breaking into Medical Sales – Your Guide to Success is available through this website.

Our approach is different. We coach candidates on how to conduct a proactive job search using a top-down approach to resume submissions. When conducting a proactive job search the focus is on marketing yourself directly to high level decision makers instead of submitting resumes to job postings. Why send your resume to a hiring manager if you aren’t sure he is hiring? The answer is easy, over 40% of jobs filled are NEVER POSTED, anywhere. Sending your resume directly to a manager virtually ensures it is actually opened and read by someone who understands the job and what it takes to do the job well.

Human resources and recruiters are trained to screen candidates against a job description. If there are 10 requirements listed for the job, they will only interview candidates possessing 7 or 8 of those requirements. There is an average of 300 resumes submitted for every posted job. Even candidates who are almost perfect matches can be overlooked with such a high volume of resumes available.

A proactive job search strategy focuses on you controlling your job search, not it controlling you. Our clients receive job offers an average of 50% faster than their peers conducting traditional job searches.

Jobs that we coach for include:

• Medical Device Sales, Pharmaceutical Sales, Sales Managers, Vice President of Sales, National Account Managers

• Medical Science Liaison / Medical Affairs, Director and Vice President of Medical Affairs

• Clinical Operations

• Research Scientist